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                  ABOUT GP
                  LocationAbout Us > Company overview


                  Company overview


                  Located in the national economic and technological development area-Beijing Yizhuang, Beijing GenomePrecision Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive molecular diagnostics enterprise integrating R&D, manufacture, distribution, registration and services. The founder of the company previously worked for some of the largest molecular diagnostics companies at home and abroad, and is one of the most well-known molecular diagnostics experts in China with advanced concept of R&D and distribution of molecular diagnostics products. He has led the founding team to build a national high-tech enterprise in the past 6 years and set many records in the industry, especially in the number of applications and registrations of relevant molecular diagnostics products. Facing new demands for precision medicine development, the founding team set off again to prepare a new and more advanced platform for research and development of molecular diagnosis equipment and reagents, and to build clean workshops and production environment in accordance with national Class Ⅲ medical device requirements.

                  With the development concept of “focus on molecular diagnosis and leading precision medicine”, our company has established 6 molecular technology platforms, including “Real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR”, “First-generation Sanger sequencing”, “High-throughput next-generation sequencing”, “Capillary electrophoresis fragment analysis”, “Fluorescent in situ hybridization” and “Microfluidics”.  We will develop molecular diagnostics products to meet the evolving needs of clinical diagnosis and treatment based on these technology platforms.



                  Organizational structure



                  As the distributing platform of GenomePrecision, Beijing Search Biotech Co., Ltd. is a state-level high-tech enterprise that focuses on molecular diagnosis including hematologic tumor, transplantation, cardiovascular system, pharmacogenomics, pathogenic microorganism, etc. The lymphoma clonality assay kits, in particular, have gained a good reputation in the market.


                        GenomeFore focuses on the application of epigenetics in the field of precision medicine and is dedicated to develop various molecular diagnostics products relating to methylation, LncRNA, miRNA, etc. based on epigenetics. Notably, index parameters for the four hereditary colorectal methylation indicators, which are designed for the Chinese population, exceed the international standard and have gone into the clinical large sample validation phase.


                        Co-founded with Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology(SIMIT) of Chinese Academy of Sciences, GenomeWay focuses on R&D and manufacture of high-grade, high-precision and advanced molecular diagnostics instruments. The successfully developed circulating tumor cytometer and digital PCR prototypes have been clinically tested and validated in several 3-A-grade hospitals with promising results.



                  Gminix is committed to the application of bioinformatics for big data analytics in clinic. Now we have intensive cooperation regarding disease data analysis and CFDA registration, which will reinforce our strength in bioinformatics and greatly improve our strength in developing NGS assay kit and scientific researches.



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