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                  GenomeWay signed an agreement of cooperation with SIMIT

                  Publisher:GENOMEPRECISION Release Time:2016-12-21 7143 views


                  GenomeWay signed an agreement of cooperation with SIMIT


                      On December 9, 2016, Beijing GenomeWay Medical Engineering Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology (SIMIT) jointly signed the Memorandum of Cooperation on Microfluidics Industrialization. Through this agreement, SIMIT licensed four patented technologies to GenomeWay. The two sides will make joint efforts to promote the industrialization of microfluidic chip technologies in clinical tests in molecular diagnostics technologies and to bring fresh momentum to the molecular diagnostics industry.

                      Beijing GenomeWay Medical Engineering Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Beijing GenomePrecision Technology Co., Ltd., an integrated molecular diagnostics enterprise combining R&D, manufacture, distribution, registration and services of molecular diagnostics reagents and equipment. With its 3000 m2 GMP-compliant workshop, GenomePrecision has established six technology platforms including Real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR”, “First-generation Sanger sequencing”, “Next-generation high-throughput sequencing”, “Capillary electrophoresis fragment analysis”, “Fluorescent in situ hybridization” and “Microfluidics” covering many clinical fields including blood diseases, transplantation typing, molecular oncologic pathology, pharmacogenomics, infectious diseases, etc.

                      This collaboration has facilitated the conversion of research achievements of SIMIT and provided support for GenomePrecision to develop high sensitivity IVD analyzers and reagents in the medical laboratory field. The two sides will fully make use of their advantages and resources to improve the health of the people in China.

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