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                  GP NEWS
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                  Strategic restructuring of GenomePrecision and Search Biotech

                  Publisher:GENOMEPRECISION Release Time:2016-07-14 7653 views

                  On May 3, 2016, a grand ceremony was held in the conference hall of Jinghai Industrial Park to mark the strategic restructuring of Beijing Search Biotech Co., Ltd. and Beijing GenomePrecision Technology Co., Ltd.”, signifying Search Biotechs formal joining into the GenomePrecision family as well as a new chapter for innovation, cooperation and pursuit of GenomePrecision dream.


                  At 3 p.m. of June 18, 2016, a grand ceremony event with the theme of stay true to the original aspiration and move on towards a bright future was held in Jinghai Industrial Park. Upon the first anniversary of GenomePrecision, the tenth anniversary of Search Biotech, strategic restructuring of GenomePrecision and Search Biotech and the moving to a new address, company leaders interpreted the company culture and the original dream in terms of mission, vision, values and spirit and expressed their sincere hopes for all employees to move on towards a bright future


                        After restructuring of the two companies, a new integrated molecular diagnostics enterprise emerged with a new level of development integrating R&D, registration, manufacturing, distribution and services. With around 100 employees, 3000 m2 total business area and 1200 m2 newly-renovated GMP workshop and equipped with 21 pieces of R&D equipments including imported fluorescent qPCR instruments, DNA sequencers, fragment analyzers, etc. Search Biotech has established six molecular diagnostics platforms including Real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR”, “First-generation Sanger sequencing”, “High-throughput NGS sequencing”, “Capillary electrophoresis fragment analysis”, “Fluorescent in situ hybridization” and “Microfluidics”. After restructuring, Search Biotech will still focus on development, introduction, promotion and application of molecular diagnostics products and technologies in the fields of blood diseases and transplantation, and we believe we can offer more premium products and services to our clients in the future.

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