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                  LocationPlatform > Capillary electrophoresis fragment analysis

                  Capillary electrophoresis fragment analysis


                  Using gel as the separating medium, capillaries as the separating lanes and driven by highvoltage power supply, capillary gel electrophoresis(CGE) is an important detection technique used for DNA fragment size analysis.

                  CGE detection requires small sample input and is simple to operate. Compared with traditional gel electrophoresis, CGE has a higher separation efficiency, higher resolution and sensitivity. The use of prefabricated gel reduces manual operation, saves time and energy and greatly reduces biohazards. The software suite enables faster analysis and avoids human errors.

                  Giving full play to the unique advantages of CGE and employing proven instrument test plan and the newest testing instruments, GenomePrecision has established three major DNA fragment analysis platforms, including high-resolution 3500 gene analysis platform(Fig. 1), automated 4200 electrophoresis platform(Fig. 2) and microfluidics 2100 micro capillary system(Fig. 3). 3500 gene analyzer can detect DNA fragments with resolution as low as 1bp sequence difference and sets the gold standard for the detection of STR, MSI, clonality rearrangement, DNA fragment microdeletion, etc. With the development of NGS high-throughput sequencing technologies, 2100 capillary electrophoresis and 4200 automated electrophoresis platforms provide assessment for NGS RNA and DNA library quality——RIN value and DIN value. 4200 automated electrophoresis platform, in particular, allows fully automated sample processing and walk-away operation and can fully substitute for conventional gel electrophoresis with faster and more accurate detection and with no biotoxicity and cross contamination of any kind.

                  GenomePrecision has built a whole platform in capillary electrophoresis technologies to meet a wider range of market needs. Also we are committed to establishing a whole-platform solution to clinical issues so that the technique will play a more important role in clinical diagnosis.

                                         1487126792318779.jpg 1487126802413105.jpg

                    Fig.1 3500 gene analysis platform

                                       1487126954332033.jpg    1487126954866660.jpg

                  Fig.2 4200 Electrophoresis Platform

                                       1487127033236932.jpg     1487127041100307.jpg

                  Fig.3 2100 Micro Capillary System

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