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                  LocationPlatform > Visualized molecular pathology

                  Visualized molecular pathology

                  Based on organic pathology, cellular pathology, molecular pathology, etc. and through combination with molecular biological techniques, visualized molecular pathology emerged and developed. Special features of visualized molecular pathology experiments include rapidity, safety, high sensitivity and long-term preservation of probes. As the markers grow in number, fluorescent marking technologies developed from single fluorescence detection to multi-color fluorescence detection, and the scope of application was further expanded. This has laid a solid foundation for clinical application of visualized molecular pathology.

                  Visualized molecular pathology comprises fluorescence in situ hybridization(FISH) and in situ hybridization(ISH). FISH is the hybridization of the fluorescently marked specific nucleic acid probes to the target DNA or RNA molecules to determine the morphology and distribution of the stained cells or organelles, or the positioning of probe-bound DNA region or RNA molecules in chromosomes or other organelles. ISH refers to the process of hybridizing the specifically marked probe to the nucleic acid in cells or tissue sections to localize a specific DNA sequence.

                  The scope of application of visualized molecular pathology is as follows:

                  Cell-specific localization, gene mapping, gene expression and genome evolution researches.

                  Accurate and visualized gene diagnosis.

                  Detecting expression of oncogenes, anti-oncogenes and various functional genes at transcriptional level and their changes.

                  Detecting chromosomal changes such as chromosomal number aberration, chromosomal translocation, etc.

                  Interphase cytogenetic researches such as prenatal diagnosis of genetic diseases, identification of some gene carriers, diagnosis of some tumors, biological dosimetry, etc.

                  Visualized molecular pathology has been widely used in oncobiology, gene amplification, prenatal diagnosis, etc. and will be gradually applied in microbiological detection, environment and food inspection, etc.

                  GenomePrecision has reached strategic partnerships with Cytotest and ACD and has introduced high-quality probes for clinical use and scientific researches. Currently, we provide more than 500 FISH probes and over 3000 ISH probes as well as custom services for a full range of probes.


                                               1487127760115824.jpg        1487127770122167.jpg

                                                                         TERC gene(orange) cervical cells

                                              1487127790148932.jpg         1487127797104623.jpg

                                                           HPV Positive Cerv. Canc.(ISH)                          Target probe PD-L1(ISH)


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