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                  LocationProduct > Transplant typing > Organ transplant molecular typing & monitoring
                  • Organ pre-transplantation typing

                    Human leukocyte antigen(HLA), the major histocompatibility complex(MHC) in humans, serves as a marker to know which cells belong to your body and which do not and has very important biological...
                  • Pre-transplantation PRA antibody detection

                    The effects of antibodies in the transplant recipient and the screening technologies have drawn the clinicians’attention since the early days of kidney transplantation(the 1960s). At first, the ...
                  • Post-transplantation DSA monitoring

                    Donor specific antibody(DSA) attacks the endothelium of the allograft, resulting in subsequent antibody-mediated rejection(AMR) which impa...
                  • Post-transplantation DNA chimera STR monitoring

                    Fluorescently labeled multiplex PCR amplification of STR loci in automated capillary electrophoresis method is highly sensitive, reproduci...
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