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                  LocationProduct > Research products > PNA products
                  • PNA probe customization

                    PNA probe typesUnlabeled PNA-N-terminus free amine-N-terminus acetylationLabeled PNA-N-terminus and C-terminus labeling-Dual labelingModified PNAAmino acid modified other appropriate functional...
                  • PNA telomere FISH probes

                    Peptide nucleic acids(PNA) are the new DNA mimics that are capable of recognizing and binding to DNA or RNA sequences to form stable double helix structure. Since PNA carries n...
                  • Centrometric FISH probes

                    Detect centrometric aberrations in the genome, such as trisomy, polysomy and centrometric breakage. CodeProductPack sizeF3003Cent-Cy35nmoleF3006Cent-FAM5nmole...
                  • PNA oligomers for PCR clamping globin inhibitors

                    Over 70% mRNA in blood is globin mRNA, which significantly reduces gene analysis and sensitivity. To resolve this problem, use PNA that binds to specific globin mRNA to impede transcription of...
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