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                  LocationProduct > Research products > Streck stabilization products
                  • Cell-Free DNA BCT

                    Cell-Free DNA BCT is a blood collection tube with a formaldehyde-free preservative stabilizing nucleated blood cells. This unique stabilization prevents the release of genomic DNA, allowing...
                  • Cell-Free RNA BCT

                    Cell-Free RNA BCT is a blood collection tube with a patented preservative which stabilizes cell-free RNA in plasma and prevents the release of non-target background RNA from blood cells during s...
                  • Streck Cell-Free DNA Urine Preserve

                    Streck Cell-Free DNA Urine Preserve is a formaldehyde-free liquid reagent that stabilizes cell-free DNA (cfDNA) in urine. Samples treated with Cell-Free DNA Urine Preserve are stable up to 7 days...
                  • Cyto-Chex BCT

                    Cyto-Chex BCT is a blood collection tube for the preservation of whole blood specimens for immunophenotyping by flow cytometry. The preservative contained in Cyto-Chex BCT maintains the integrit...
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