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                  LocationProduct > Research products > Streck flow cytometry controls
                  • CD-Chex? Plus

                    CD-Chex Plus provides the most assayed CD markers in the industry on a single control. This includes the HIV panel of markers recommended by the CDC and a normal level of CD34+ cells. CD-Chex Plus...
                  • CD-Chex? CD34

                    CD-Chex CD34is a positive procedural control for enumerating CD34 positive cells by flow cytometry. CD-Chex CD34 is the only commercially available CD34 control with three levels. The CD34 posit...
                  • CD-Chex? Select

                    CD-Chex Select designed for use on BD Biosciences and Beckman Coulter? flow cytometry systems. CD-Chex Select can be handled like a patient sample, which eliminates the need fo...
                  • CD-Chex CD103? Plus

                    CD-Chex CD103 Plus is the only commercially available flow cytometry control that includes CD103, CD30, CD38, CD56, CD138, and cytoplasmic Lambda in a single control, and the only control on the...
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