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                  LocationProduct > Research products > Streck stabilization products

                  Cell-Free DNA BCT


                  Cell-Free DNA BCT is a blood collection tube with a formaldehyde-free preservative stabilizing nucleated blood cells. This unique stabilization prevents the release of genomic DNA, allowing isolation of high-quality cell-free DNA which can be further used for a wide range of downstream applications in clinical research studies, drug discovery and diagnostic assay development. It has also been demonstrated to minimize the degradation of CTCs.

                  Cell-Free DNA BCT reduces the need for immediate plasma preparation and CTC processing due to its unique stabilization properties. Cell-Free DNA is stable for up to 14 days, while circulating tumor cells are stable for up to 7 days, at room temperature, allowing convenient sample collection, transport and storage.

                  Cell-Free DNA BCT

                  Catalog #

                  6-Tube Pack   (10 mL)


                  100-Tube Box   (10 mL)


                  1000-Tube Box   (10 mL)


                  6-Tube Pack (2   mL)


                  100-Tube Box   (2 mL)


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